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Who will spread on my property?
Highly trained drivers with an extensive dairy farming background understanding our clients needs. Our staff are identified by our green and white company uniforms.

Are you a corporate structure?
Our company is privately owned and we operate from a local Te Puke Base. With us unlike other corporate, larger organisations we try and cater to every clients needs and we will never put you in a queue. We communicate constantly with our clients to make sure the Fertilizer goes on at the right time and the right weather.

Are you fully licensed to do the work?
Yes, we are fully licensed for the work required . We hold all the required and necessary licenses for the spreading industry.

How do you deal with delays?
In the case of fertilizer works hold-ups or even equipment failure we constantly communicate with our clients to let them know that there might be a delay. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are served at the right time but sometimes problems occur and we try and deal with them as professional as possible.

Will there be an affiliation with Spreadmaster Transport?
No there is no affiliation with Spreadmaster Transport. We operate out of the same yard but we have our own gold standard business model and service.

Are you working in accordance to Health & Safety?
Yes absolutely, we have strict health and safety policies in place to make sure our drivers stay safe and protected during their work on the yard and the paddocks. High visibility clothing with us is a must at all times.

Some more questions

We have a more personal approach with our clients, we don't differentiate between large and small clients...everyone deserves to get their land serviced at the right time. Our drivers understand our client's needs coming from a dairy farming background. We stay true to our service fees.
No we are not, we don't consult on fertilizers. We leave this up to the experts. We are experts in spreading the fertilizer for you and we will try and answer any questions you may have.
The majority of our clients receive their income on the 20th of every month and we try and accommodate for invoices to be paid then. As we have large operating expenses we appreciate however if invoices can be paid after the service has been completed which makes it a lot easier for us.
We try to schedule our clients as conveniently for them as possible from early morning to late afternoon. The earlier you know about your spreading requirements and give us a call, the earlier we can book you in. We don't put you in a queue, if the demand becomes to high we employ more staff and purchase more equipment to do the jobs on time.
No we do not. Some competitors in this in this industry are known for undercutting prices to approach established clients, we don't believe in that approach. We work with a clean, trust-worthy business model that most clients appreciate. So if you would like to know more about service fees, come and visit us at the yard 965, SH2, Paengaroa or we are more than happy to visit you personally.

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